Luigi Esposito, owner of Via Napoli, is opening an Italian pizzeria in Surry Hills next month. Situated conveniently at the intersection of Crown and Foveaux streets, 170 Grammi will offer a unique ‘la tonda Romana’ or Roman-style round pizza, a rarity in Sydney. While Roman-style pizzas are typically served sliced or as rectangles, 170 Grammi will revive the classic round style from the 1950s, known as ‘la scrocchiarella’ in Italian.

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Named after the weight of each dough ball, the pizzas will feature a thinner and crispier crust compared to the traditional Verace Neapolitan-style pizzas from Naples.

With over 35 years of experience in pizza-making, Esposito will oversee the kitchen operations and is eager to introduce this new culinary experience to diners.

“Sydneysiders love their pizza, so we wanted to give them an alternative style that showcases another beautiful part of Italy,” says Luigi. 

Rome holds a special place in Esposito’s heart because his wife’s family hails from the region. “I really wanted to acknowledge her heritage through the business,” he said, adding one of the pizzas would feature his father-in-law’s porchetta recipe. The thin crust going crunch with every bite perfectly matches the freshness and flavours of the toppings, which melt in your mouth.”

The 60-seat venue will have both indoor and outdoor seating, along with a long bar featuring counter seats that extend towards the 1.9-ton pizza oven, crafted in Italy. Esposito says while the pizzas would have slight variations from those in his other establishments, the warm and lively atmosphere would remain a signature of 170 Grammi.

“For me it’s about the happiness and joy that comes from bringing people together to eat,” says Luigi, adding guests can expect a casual experience filled with good food, music and wine.

170 Grammi is set to open in mid-May and will be open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday.