Luigi Esposito, the visionary behind Via Napoli, has unveiled his new venture, a pizzeria in Surry Hills called 170 Grammi. 

Situated at the bustling corner of Crown and Foveaux streets, 170 Grammi stands out by offering one of the city’s few authentic Roman-style pizzas, known as ‘la tonda scrocchiarella Romana’. These pizzas are crafted from precisely 170 grams of dough, resulting in a thinner, crunchier crust that distinguishes them from the traditional Neapolitan style.

“When you hear the glorious crack with each bite, the only question you’ll have is does your pizza crick or does it crock?” says Luigi. The crispiness of the base, combined with fresh, high-quality toppings, creates an exceptional dining experience that Esposito is eager for people to try.

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The menu at 170 Grammi is homage to Roman culinary traditions, infused with Esposito’s inventive flair. Highlights include pizzas inspired by iconic pasta dishes such as Cacio e pepe and A’carbonara. The Amatriciana pizza, with its rich blend of guanciale, pomodoro, and pecorino Romano, is another standout.

Among these, the Porchetta di Ariccia pizza holds special significance for Esposito, featuring a cherished family recipe from his father-in-law, Tonino Toscano. Topped with slow-roasted porchetta alla Romana, smoked scamorza, and wood-fired roasted potatoes, this pizza is a tribute to his wife’s heritage and is described by Esposito as ‘simply buonissimo’.

The menu boasts 13 unique pizzas, each cooked in a custom-made, 1.9-tonne Italian wood-fired oven. This culinary marvel, positioned at the rear of the intimate space, is surrounded by hanging aged cheeses and meats, enhancing the authentic atmosphere.

Beyond pizzas, 170 Grammi offers a selection of antipasti, including Roman-style tripe, crispy flatbread with mortadella, and traditional Suppli. Desserts such as the Maritozzi – a soft brioche bun filled with sweetened whipped cream – ensure a sweet conclusion to your meal.

The ambiance of 170 Grammi is further elevated by a handmade black and white terrazzo bar, which complements the venue’s rustic charm. The bar features a thoughtfully priced drinks list, with Italian and Australian wines capped at $65 per bottle, and a selection of cocktails including limoncello spritz and negroni.

  • Where: 170 Grammi, 428 Crown St, Surry Hills
  • When: Dinner from 5pm to 10pm, Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Find out more here