South Eveleigh has collaborated with the non-profit charity Skin Check Champions to enhance access and awareness for early skin cancer detection. Onsite skin checks will be available from Monday, 5 February until Friday 9 February, between 9 am and 5 pm at the Skin Champions pop-up in WorkClub Locomotive, located at Locomotive Bays 5-7, 2 Locomotive Street, Eveleigh 2015. 

Secure your spot for a skin check by making a booking for $30.

Skin cancer, often referred to as our ‘national cancer,’ is anticipated to impact 2 in 3 Australians during their lifetime. While it’s a sobering reality, early detection is key. This partnership aims to emphasise the importance of timely detection.

This initiative allows residents and workers in the area to undergo an informative, full-body skin check conducted by a qualified nurse dermoscopist at a significantly reduced cost. Typically valued at around $250, this opportunity underscores the significance of proactive skin health management.

More information about the pop-up and the booking link can be found here. Bookings are essential and those interested are encouraged to book as soon as possible as these sessions book out quickly. More information on the importance of skin checks can be found here

Daily protection via sunscreen and regular skin checks are an essential part of maintaining your skin’s health and catching skin cancers early when they are most treatable. Outside of the pop-up, skin checks are available to book on a regular basis at Myhealth South Eveleigh and for daily sunscreen needs head to Priceline at South Eveleigh for a wide range of products.