AALIA is set to shake up Middle Eastern cuisine once again with their 2023 Chef Series, featuring renowned chefs Mark Best (24 July), Khanh Nguyen (11 September), and Dave Verheul (9 October). The inaugural event will showcase the culinary brilliance of Mark Best, collaborating with Executive Chef Paul Farag for a single night only on Monday, July 24. Together, they are set to push the boundaries of Middle Eastern cuisine, perfectly aligning with AALIA’s innovative ethos.

Mark Best, a symbol of Australian cuisine, is celebrated for his mastery of flavour, skillfully utilising technology to enhance the essence of each ingredient. His imaginative approach, blending Australian cooking with a deep appreciation for French and European techniques, promises guests an extraordinary and unforgettable culinary journey.

The carefully crafted menu for this exceptional evening will feature a unique selection of experimental dishes, including Mark’s European carp makanek with a delightful harissa infusion, as well as a succulent magra lamb rack accompanied by dried quince. Sides will tantalise the taste buds with creamed spinach complemented by spiced chickpeas and caramelised onions. To conclude the evening on a sweet note, a delicious walnut sujuk with dulce chocolate and lime-cured pumpkin will leave guests with a lasting impression of AALIA’s extraordinary dining experience.

After a successful collaboration at Tasting Australia, the opportunity to work with Mark Best again was a natural choice for AALIA. “Our commitment to expanding our horizons remains unwavering as we forge ahead with our chef series at AALIA. Guests can expect an unforgettable experience that will challenge expectations as Mark and I join forces to bring out a different side of AALIA, like never seen before,” says AALIA Executive Chef, Paul Farag.

Melbourne chef Khanh Nguyen will take to the kitchen on Monday, 11 September. Working previously for prestigious restaurants across the country, Khanh brings a harmonious blend of fine dining with South East Asian influences. The third and final chef in the series, Dave Verhuel (Monday, 9 October). Dave made a name for himself with his Melbourne restaurants, Lesa and Embla, known for his simple yet elevated technique in the culinary world.

Secure your seat at the table and embark on an unforgettable culinary experience. Visit aaliarestaurant.com/chef-series to read more about the chef series and make a reservation today. Bookings are now available.