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What She Just Said was born in 2022 from casual conversations with friends and colleagues about good food and drink, what’s new in the world of arts and entertainment, looking after ourselves and sharing tips about inspiring destinations and adventures. 

So here we are. After countless requests to put these stories somewhere for our audience to enjoy, What She Just Said sprang to life. 

With our vast experience, background and knowledge in the lifestyle space, we produce and share content on a wide range of topics including food and drink, the arts and entertainment, travel, and personal care. We’re also passionate about championing Australian-made and owned products and services, showcasing the rich tapestry of local talent, craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Come join the conversation!

About Emi Berry, Founding Editor of What She Just Said:  Emi is a senior communications professional and seasoned storyteller with over 20 years of experience in the publishing and media industry, writing and creating content for some of Australia’s most recognised brands. What She Just Said is a product of Emi’s love for sharing quality and memorable lifestyle experiences. 

About Paul Chan, Senior Writer: Paul is an intrepid traveler who seeks out local neighbourhood gems, authentic connections and unbridled fun. His novel Broken Jade is on Vogue Australia’s essential queer reading list of books on historical and contemporary gay Sydney. 

About Ben Knight, Senior Writer: Ben is a digital communications professional who enjoys a good beer after a long day at the office. When he’s not typing away on his keyboard, you can find him exploring new coffee shops, catching up on the latest superhero flicks, or cheering on his favourite sports teams.


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