There is an upward global trend for alcohol-free wine, with health-conscious consumers looking for alternative options such as the new alcohol-free range from Ara Wines.

Ara Select Blocks Zero is a carefully crafted wine produced at the edge of the earth (New Zealand) that includes a Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé, which is now available in Australia. 

If you think alcohol-free wine won’t ever be as enjoyable as the real thing, allow Ara to change your mind. These wines are made as a full-strength, premium New Zealand wines, but the aroma and alcohol are gently removed using advanced spinning cone technology. The winemaking team then combines the delicate aroma back into the wine, resulting in a delicious no-alcohol wine with low calories (80 per cent fewer calories than a 12.5% alc/vol wine). 

Ara has been making exceptional no-alcohol wines for several years – and the brand was awarded Best Wine and Best White Wine at 2022 WinePilot Zero Alcohol Wine Show in Sydney and scored big (95 points) at the 2022 International Wine and Spirits competition.  

Ara select blocks zero white

“We hear many people say you can’t make no-alcohol wines that taste good, but they just haven’t tasted Ara Select Blocks Zero! We’re very proud of our award-winning wines and are delighted to have them in Coles so more people can discover them,” said Jeremy Tod, Senior Winemaker.  

Ara Select Blocks Zero Sauvignon Blanc (NV) 

Classic citrus and passionfruit notes with a crisp finish, this alcohol-removed wine exhibits all the typical Sauvignon Blanc characteristics in every sip. Enjoy chilled with sweet corn & vegan feta fritters, fresh mango & mint salsa with salad leaves. RRP: $19.00 

Ara Select Blocks Zero Rosé (NV) 

This alcohol-removed Rosé is made from aromatic and red varietals. Bursting with stone fruit, apple and fresh strawberries, it’s an off-dry style with a refreshing finish. Serve chilled with a generous platter of fresh fruit, vegan cheese & nuts. RRP: $19.00 

Available at Coles.