Allta, a new Korean degustation restaurant, is set to open in Sydney’s CBD, offering an intimate exploration of Korean cuisine that marries tradition with modern flair.

Under the guidance of Executive Chef Jung-Su Chang, Allta will feature a selective 15-course menu. Each dish is carefully crafted and personally presented, ensuring a dining experience that’s both exclusive and memorable. This venture, part of the renowned Firestone group founded by Jangho So and Sunyoung Kim, aims to elevate Korean cuisine in Sydney to new heights.

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Diners can anticipate a variety of innovative dishes, such as the Tuna Bite, which combines cured tuna with grilled vegetables and nori, and the Beef Tartare, featuring crispy taro, barley Doen-jang, and kimchi. Other highlights include the Sweet Prawn, enhanced with perilla oil, cured yolk, and capsicum, and the delightful Makgeolli & Rice dessert, a refreshing blend of makgeolli sorbet, rice granita, and pear.

“Allta is more than a restaurant; it’s a celebration of Korean cuisine and culture,” says Chef Jung-Su Chang. “With every dish, we aim to recreate the essence of love and truth that defines Korean cooking, delivering a deeply personal moment for our guests. Each bite tells a story—a narrative of tradition and innovation, a homage to the rich tapestry of flavours that have shaped Korean cuisine.”

The restaurant’s ambiance reflects a minimalist yet elegant design, characterised by monochromatic hues and contrasting textures. Ambient lighting adds a captivating glow, creating an atmosphere of understated sophistication.

Adding to the experience is a team of distinguished craftsmen, including mixologist Joshua Hallissy and head sommelier Sebastian Brogren. Both bring their extensive expertise and innovative approach to Allta, ensuring that every beverage complements the exceptional culinary offerings. 

  • What: 15-course degustation menu, including snacks 
  • Where: Allta, 50 Pitt St, Sydney
  • When: Open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday from 6-10 pm
  • How much: $325 per person
  • Reserve your table here.