Australian Truffle Traders, located in the stunning region of Manjimup in Western Australia’s southwest, is uncovering top-tier Australian Black Truffles every day, a sign that the short truffle season is off to a good start. The short truffle season which typically ends in late August or early September, means that now is the time to enjoy the world’s most decadent ingredient.

Strolling amidst the oak and hazelnut trees, trailing alongside the dependable dogs with their keen sense of smell, there’s nothing quite like the experience of turning up the soil and unveiling a ripe, fragrant truffle. 

If you’re lucky enough to be in WA in the coming months, book yourself a truffle hunt and embark on an adventure with Australian Truffle Traders and their well-trained canine companions Gidgee, Max, Gunnah, and Dusty. Afterwards, indulge in tasting some delectable truffle products. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to visit Hound and Hunter Fine Foods, which serves as both a store and a test kitchen. This venture is a collaboration with the WA Truffle Collective and showcases truffle products developed by David Coomer, an acclaimed chef from Western Australia who has ventured into truffle farming.

Gavin Booth, the owner of the family-owned enterprise Australian Truffle Traders, affirms that Hound and Hunter in Manjimup is the ultimate destination to satisfy your truffle cravings throughout the year.

“We’ve enhanced Australian Black truffle hunts by adding on a tasting experience at Hound and Hunter, such as freshly baked focaccia with lashings of truffle butter, truffle pate, truffle cheese and more,” Gavin says.

“There’s take-home products such a venison, pork, truffle and pistachio terrine, duck rillette with truffle, red wine and truffle sauce, and more and it’s always a good idea to stay for lunch at Hound and Hunter, either before or after your truffle hunt, to make the most of your truffle experience.”

Australian black truffles from Manjimup are accessible to everyone via Australian Truffle Traders and

Direct from the farm in Manjimup, freshly unearthed truffles are carefully cleaned, graded, sealed, cold-packed and shipped across Australia via express post with delivery in 48 hours (in most cases). 

Deliveries outside of WA are sent on Mondays or Tuesdays by Express Post to avoid the risk of truffles sitting in an AusPost warehouse over a weekend.

“Truffles may ooze decadence, but they aren’t just for chefs and people who eat at fancy restaurants, they can be enjoyed by everyone,” says Gavin. 

“Freshly shaved truffle over of creamy scrambled eggs has to be the food of the Gods. I also love adding sliced truffle to a good brie and baking it until it’s gooey.”

One way to enjoy fresh black truffle is also one of the simplest. Hanging out with friends with a bottle of red and truffled brie pulled from the wood-fired stove, ready to smear over hunks of fresh sourdough.

Australian Black Truffles

Baked Truffle Brie using fresh black truffles from Australian Truffle Trader

  • Brie (whole)
  • Fresh truffle
  • Chardonnay
  • Sourdough


  • Carefully cut the brie in half, like you would a bread roll for a sandwich.
  • Layer thin shavings of truffle until completely covered. Rejoin the two halves. Rewrap in the original packaging and put in a sealed container in the fridge for 3 days so truffle permeates.
  • Preheat oven to 80°C. Remove brie from wrapping and place in a small round oven dish, just a bit larger than the brie. Push your thumb down into centre of brie and add a drizzle of chardonnay into the hole.
  • Bake for 20 minutes until it’s a gloopy mess.
  • Add extra truffle on top if you’re feeling decadent. Serve immediately with hot sourdough.

Australian Truffle Traders

  • Where: 243 Pozzi Road, Manjimup, Western Australia (left hand side of road 2.4km off Muir Highway)
  • Contact: WhatsApp: +61 407 730 223