Have you been meaning to donate a bunch of clothes but not sure how to go about it? To help support local communities, Uber and the Australian Red Cross are urging Australians to take action and declutter their wardrobes by taking advantage of the Australian Red Cross Clothing Drive – a free clothing pick-up on Saturday 21st October.

Approximately 43 per cent of Aussies acknowledge experiencing a phenomenon known as ‘donation paralysis.’ This trend signifies a genuine desire to support charitable causes but is accompanied by uncertainty regarding the most efficient methods of doing so. 

Based on a recent ‘Cost of Giving’ report commissioned by Uber and the Australian Red Cross, the increasing cost of living is impacting Australians’ capacity to contribute. While 48 per cent of Australians express a strong willingness to increase their charitable donations, they attribute financial constraints as a substantial barrier.

The report reveals that, on average, Australians own 24 clothing items, weighing a total of 10kg and valued at $952, which have remained untouched in their wardrobes for the past year. Collectively, the nation possesses an estimated $18.5 billion worth of pre-loved clothing, which could be contributed to support essential funds for Australian communities in need. 

Ninety-seven per cent of Aussies confess to keeping unworn clothing in their closets over the past 12 months, a potential resource for generating vital funds for these communities. Additionally, of those who choose to donate their garments to charitable causes, a substantial 82 per cent store their unwanted items in donation bags for up to three months. Notably, 12 per cent of survey participants acknowledged that they have never made contributions of clothing or footwear to charity.

How to take part in the Australian Red Cross Clothing Drive

On Saturday 21st October between 9am and 4pm local time, Uber and the Australian Red Cross are on a mission to give a second life to more than 60,000kg of pre-loved clothes. By offering free ‘Uber Package’ delivery to Red Cross Shop drop off locations across Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Uber is making it easier than ever to donate quality pre-loved clothing to those in need.

Just follow these simple steps to do so:

  • Gather your pre-loved items into a bag or box, no heavier than 20kg, so it can comfortably sit in the boot of a midsize car.
  • Open the Uber app > Services.
  • Tap on Package (brown box icon.)
  • Select ‘Send a package’.
  • Enter ‘Red Cross Shop’ as the recipient and select your local Australian Red Cross Shop location.
  • The Australian Red Cross Clothing Drive promotion should automatically apply, so check that the trip is showing as a $0 amount.
  • Confirm, keep an eye on the app and meet the delivery person picking up your donation at the door, or kerbside if you can.