Beau in Surry Hills has revealed its latest venture, ‘Artist Series’, in collaboration with China Heights Gallery.

Over the next three months, Beau will play host to China Heights, a contemporary art hub based in Sydney, as they team up with a different prominent artist each month to transform the venue into a unique artistic space. 

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This collaboration coincides with the artist’s solo exhibitions at China Heights Gallery, debuting on the same day as their residency at Beau.

Dubbed the ‘Artist Series’, this initiative will feature Ellen Virgona, Shaun Daniel Allen (Shal), and Otis Hope Carey, each leaving their mark on the restaurant for an immersive experience.

The artists will infuse their distinct artistic flair into various venue elements at Beau, from floral arrangements and curated playlists to original artworks and captivating projector visuals. A special dish inspired by each artist’s work will also be featured on the menu. The artist will host an exclusive event in Beau’s newly unveiled private dining area to kick off each series.

Troy Spencer, head chef at Beau will collaborate with each artist to craft a special dish inspired by their work and intertwined with their artistic expression. The first limited edition dish, inspired by Ellen Virgona, will be Beau’s take on Greek-style rice pudding dessert with caramelised figs. “We’re here to be inspired by new things. Our goal is to draw inspiration from the artists, whether it be ingredients, food preferences or textures, to create a special dish that complements the takeover,” says Spencer.

Find out more about Beau and the ‘Artist Series’ here.

  • Ellen Virgona – Opening April 12th
  • Shaun Daniel Allen (Shal) – Opening June 7th
  • Otis Hope Carey – Opening September 13th
  • Where: Beau,1 Fracks Lane, Surry Hills