Tucked away in Darling Square’s Exchange Building is Bintang Bro – a cute Indonesian grill shack that specialises in the art of cooking and roasting over an open fire. The menu showcases a delicious selection of grilled mains such as succulent chicken and flavorful barramundi, served alongside tofu. Also on offer is a range of tempting sides, including Indonesian yellow rice, crispy chips, and refreshing salads.

Bintang Bro skewers

Founder and owner, Indra Wong says he saw a gap in the quick-service restaurant space for Indonesian cuisine. “There’s not a lot of Indonesian fusion around so we are hoping to take off with Bintang Bro,” says Indra. This is Indra’s first Indonesian venture. 

For those seeking a range of flavours to choose from, Bintang Bro offers an assortment of BBQ skewers, such as Tiger Prawns, juicy chicken, and perfectly grilled octopus. 

Bintang Bro

Bintang Bro also caters to wrap and burger enthusiasts and offers treats such as durian pancakes and savoury Indonesian beef meatballs. These scrumptious snacks add an extra dimension to the overall dining experience.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or a quick snack, Bintang Bro is the ideal destination to indulge in authentic Indonesian grilled delicacies prepared with expertise and passion.

Bintang Bro burgers

Indra says the grilled chicken and Indonesian fried chicken are considered their ‘signature’ dishes and we can concur, it is pretty damn tasty! 

  • Where: The Exchange Building at Darling Square
  • When: Open everyday from 9am to 9pm