Say hello to Bobby – the groundbreaking soft drink that has redefined the beverage industry, offering a fabulous fusion of taste and health for soft drink enthusiasts. Forget having to compromise between flavour and well-being, as Bobby brings an innovative approach to traditional soft drinks.

The makers of Bobby have elevated the soft drink experience by removing the not-so-great stuff and infusing it with wholesome goodness, including prebiotics. 

Bobby stands as the ultimate alternative to regular soft drinks, boasting a mere 32-40 calories per can. Bobby not only tantalises your taste buds with its big, thirst-quenching flavours but also enhances your health with the inclusion of premium all-natural prebiotics. Scientifically proven to support digestion and foster beneficial gut bacteria, these prebiotics elevate your overall well-being.

Bobby soft drink

And here’s the icing on the cake: it’s low in sugar, carefully achieving the perfect harmony between taste and health. Enjoy every sip and embrace the goodness of a happy gut.

“Our mission is to redefine what soft drink is to everyday Australians by offering a truly exceptional and enjoyable beverage that doesn’t compromise on health or taste,” says Kristian Johannsen, the mastermind behind Bobby. 

Embracing its roots in Melbourne, Australia, Bobby embodies sustainability in every step of its journey. With environmental consciousness at its core, the company is committed to minimising its ecological footprint and fostering a greener future.

Bobby’s environmentally friendly packaging is fully recyclable, featuring recycled aluminium cans and cardboard slabs. The company continually explores ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Available nationally at 7-Eleven, Coles, IGA, Market Organics, Romeo’s and online.