Venues at Circular Quay dining precinct Sydney Place are launching a range of exclusive breakfast offers for four weeks, beginning on Monday, 29 April until Friday, 24 May. Partnering with various retailers around the precinct, each day of the week will feature a unique offer, spotlighting the diverse coffee and breakfast options available at Sydney Place.

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Check out the specials here: 

  • Mondays: Kingswood Coffee will offer a free croissant with every coffee purchase*
  • Tuesdays: Toby’s Estate will offer a free muffin with every coffee purchase*
  • Wednesdays: The Associate will offer a free coffee with any pastry purchase*
  • Thursdays: Toastie Smith will offer its ‘bacon my heart’ toastie and small coffee for only $8
  • Fridays: C9 Gelato will serve up a coffee and donut or cronut deal for only $4

*Toby’s Estate’s free muffin offer is available for the first 200 customers. The Associate’s free coffee promotion is available for the first 100 customers. Kingswood Coffee’s free croissant offer is available for the first 200 customers per day.