Bundaberg Rum has introduced a new member to its lineup – Bundaberg Campfire, a fusion of well-aged reserves and rum finished in bourbon barrels. Building upon the success of Bundy’s limited edition Winter Campfire offerings, which featured daring and experimental flavours, the award-winning distillery is now embracing a novel blend destined to be a hit. 

Crafted from aged reserves and expertly blended with rum that has matured in bourbon barrels, this latest addition to Bundaberg’s collection offers a distinctive taste that sets it apart. If the classic Bundaberg UP doesn’t quite hit the mark for you, this exceptionally smooth rum will undoubtedly satisfy.

Bundaberg Campfire is ideally enjoyed either neat over ice or with a hint of cola, while in the company of friends, by a crackling fire, at the beach, or during a backyard barbecue at your friend’s place. 

“We know customers are looking for new innovations within the dark spirits category and this Bundy Campfire is the perfect answer. It features a harmonious and complex balance between the rum’s toasted caramel and vanilla notes, complimented by burnt sugar and toffee aromas, making this a great drink to share between real mates. This is a delicate blend for us that is mellow and smooth thanks to the work of those lightly charred Bourbon barrels. We’re thrilled to be bringing out a product that introduces Bundy fans and Bourbon drinkers to a new and exciting flavour profile,” says Sarah Watson, Blending and Innovation Manager, Bundaberg Rum.

This bourbon barrel finished blend is now available nationwide for RRP $55 for a 700ml bottle with a 37% ABV.