Three Blue Ducks in Rosebery has launched Butcher’s Block Night, a new weekly Wednesday steak night. It offers high-quality cuts at affordable prices, prepared by Head Chef Michael Lecouteur, who has experience in some of the UK’s top steak restaurants.

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All steaks are pasture-fed and ethically raised, sourced from the very best butchers that New South Wales and Victoria have to offer including Vic’s Meats, the sole supplier of O’Connor Beef, one of the most premium grass-fed feeders in Australia and Emilio’s Butcher, which specialises in retired cows that are sustainably sourced, pasture-raised and free range. Plus, Springhill Farm, where The Ducks buy directly from the Farm itself! 

Each cut will be sold at butcher’s prices, which means guests can go hard on sides, add-ons and sauces.

Where: Every Wednesday from 5:30pm at Three Blue Ducks, 1/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery. Book your table here