C9 Chocolate & Gelato has earned a sweet reputation as one of Sydney and Melbourne’s most creative destinations for gelato-based desserts. 

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But now, C9 Chocolate & Gelato has turned it up a notch with its latest dessert range – ‘Tipsy Bliss’. It’s a groundbreaking dessert experience that combines some of its best-selling gelato flavours with carefully selected liquors. 

Tipsy Bliss C9 Gelato

The ‘Tipsy Bliss’ dessert range includes:

  • Tiramisu Tipsy Bliss – 1 scoop of tiramisu gelato, liquor and a Ladyfinger biscuit.
  • Chocolate Tipsy Bliss – 1 scoop of Snickers gelato, liquor and caramel crumble.
  • Berry Tipsy Bliss – 1 scoop of berry gelato, liquor and biscuit crumble.
  • Mint Tipsy Bliss – 1 scoop choc mint gelato, liquor and brownie.

The Tipsy Bliss dessert range is available now from all C9 Chocolate & Gelato locations across Sydney and Melbourne including its newest location Sydney Place, 180 George St Sydney. 

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