Cantails – Dan Murphy’s and BWS’ new premium cocktail range in a can – are now available in three limited edition lipsticks, which are inspired by the three cocktails in the Cantails range: Appletini, Spicy Margarita and Espresso Martini. The lipsticks are created by The Lip Lab, using high-quality vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. The Surry Hills-based beauty business specialises in creating custom shades to match skin tones, or in this case, delicious cocktail flavours. 

The Appletini flavour has been replicated through a deep red lipstick, reminiscent of the crimson skins of apples, while a vibrant red matches the fiery kick of the Spicy Margarita, and a deep nude reflects the smoothness of the Espresso Martini flavour. 

Cantails lipstick

Not only are the colours inspired by the new Cantail varieties, but each one is flavoured to match the quality ingredients in each mix. The Appletini lipstick is sweet apple flavoured, the Espresso shade smells of smooth coffee, and the bright colour for the Spicy Margarita is matched by a zesty lime flavour. 

Inspired by traditional cocktails, Cantails create a premium beverage option, combining top-quality ingredients with the convenience of a canned beverage. Cantails is an Australian-made and owned brand and is available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores nationwide. Cocktail lovers around the country will be able to enjoy quality mixes conveniently at home.

The new Cantails flavours can be found in leading Dan Murphy’s and BWS across the country, available in a four-pack for $45.00. The exclusive Cantails x The Lip Lab lipsticks will be available for $45 from The Lip Lab.

Enjoy responsibly!