Two Good, the Sydney-based social enterprise, is excited to unveil its long-awaited third cookbook, ‘Change The Course.’ This latest cookbook pays homage to its fundamental belief that regardless of time or financial constraints, everyone deserves love and nourishment through good food. They emphasise that preparing food with care is a universal expression of love, including self-love, capable of altering the course of one’s life.

In ‘Change The Course,’ simplicity and adaptability take centre stage. The recipes are concise, the ingredients uncomplicated, and the techniques flexible, all designed to help you achieve delicious results with less effort. The cookbook showcases a diverse range of recipes contributed by Two Good’s extended community, spanning from the resilient women working in their kitchens to globally renowned chefs like Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong, Danielle Alvarez, Julia Busuttil Nishimura, and Matt Moran. In a first for Two Good, this third cookbook also features recipes from beloved personalities Lucy Tweed and Nagi Maehashi, as well as contributions from Australian producers, such as cheesemaker Colin Wood’s Whole Milk Ricotta recipe.

Change the course

The book is thoughtfully organised into six chapters: ‘Fridge & Pantry Heroes,’ ‘Nourishing Breakfast & Brunches,’ ‘Savoury Snacks & Sambos,’ ‘Simple Lunches & Dinners,’ ‘Slower Meals & Feasts,’ and ‘Desserts & Sweet Treats.’ Each recipe is complemented by valuable insights and tips from the chefs, offering guidance on how to make the most of each dish. These include cooking tips, suggestions for garnishing, and advice on proper food storage to ensure longevity.

Above all, this book demonstrates that food is more than food. It includes stories that feed the souls of people whose lives have been transformed through the magic of Two Good Co: survivors of homelessness and domestic violence, participants of their life-changing employment pathway program; managers of women’s refuges and community services supporting Australia’s most vulnerable. 

Two Good Co’s commitment to social impact remains unwavering, with every purchase, 50% of all profits are reinvested into supporting, empowering, and employing women rebuilding their lives after homelessness, domestic violence, and complex trauma. 

Be part of the movement to change the course of people’s lives through the magic of food. ‘Change The Course’ will be available to order online from 1 October 2023 for $45.