Plate It Forward venue Colombo Social in Enmore is launching an exciting Saturday lunch offering from 2 December 2023. Guests will be able to experience a Bottomless Brunch with a combination of traditional and modern dishes as well as a boost interpretation of Amma’s (Mum’s) notorious Iced Coffee. 

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The Bottomless Brunch runs for 90 minutes and costs $90 per person. It will be available from 12pm until 3pm every Saturday. Guests can experience a 5-course feast with unlimited cocktails, wine, beer and soft drinks.

The menu is a combination of the venue’s favourite Sri Lankan snacks and ceremonial dishes such as Kiribath (coconut milk-infused rice served at celebrations). The Plate it Forward Hospitality Group invites guests to be part of social change with every diner who orders the Bottomless Brunch donating a meal to an asylum seeker in need.

Where: Colombo Social is located at 159 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042.

About Plate It Forward: Plate it Forward is a multi-faceted hospitality brand that allows you to experience real social change through food and beverage experiences. Plate It Foward venues include Colombo Social, Kabul Social, Coyocan Social, Anything But Humble and Kyïv Social.