Curatif has introduced a new tropical drop – a Piña Colada that beckons you to shed the ordinary, kick back and celebrate. With each sip, transport yourself to the Caribbean shores, where bold roasted coconut flakes mingle with luxurious coconut cream atop a bed of succulent pineapple. 

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“The Piña Colada has been our most requested cocktail – we’ve released a few different iterations in The Club (Curatif’s subscription program) over the last couple of years and it’s developed a cult following. There’s not many cocktails that are so evocative, so fun, and so irreverent and giddy as a Piña Colada,” says Curatif Managing Director Matt Sanger.

Enhanced by a masterful fusion of Appleton Estate Signature Rum and Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rum, this cocktail achieves a harmonious balance of flavours, reminiscent of a seaside creation under palm-fringed skies.

Joining Curatif’s esteemed collection of canned cocktails, which includes favourites like Tommy’s Margarita and Archie Rose Espresso Martini, the Piña Colada promises to be a hit with the crew. 

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