Curatif and The Real Dads of Melbourne Summer Martini have announced an exciting collaboration – the Summer Martini. 

In 2020, the Curatif team had the pleasure of crossing paths with Jarrad and Michael, also known as The Real Dads of Melbourne, who discovered Curatif’s cocktails at a local retailer. 

During the recent holiday season, Michael crafted his own unique recipe for the Summer Martini, featuring Four Pillars Olive Leaf gin. This inspired the collaboration with The Real Dads of Melbourne to bring their refreshing recipe to life in the distinctive Curatif format.

Served ice cold, this summer spin on a dirty martini is light and playful, filled with spirit (literally and figuratively!). And it has an elegant approachability that makes it a perfect freezer-tini. At 27% ABV this will get perfectly cold in the freezer, all you need to do is give it a quick shake (or a stir if you’re feeling more Bond-like) and pour into your best martini stem.

The four ingredients that make this cocktail a hit include:

  • Four Pillars Olive Leaf Gin: A fantastic choice that both Curatif and The Real Dads of Melbourne share a love for.
  • Tommy’s Limoncello: Sourced locally from Tommy’s Booze, this Limoncello adds just the right touch of citrus to the
  • mix. 
  • Mancino Vermouth Blanco: A beautiful Italian Vermouth that enhances the complexity of the cocktail. 
  • Crawley’s Martini Olive Brine: Just a touch to add a hint of salinity and texture, making this Summer Martini truly unique.

The 4-pack is available for $45 and a case of 24 is $230.

Order your pack from Curatif here