Dineamic, a renowned healthy meal delivery service, and Kic, a leading wellness-for-life app have joined forces and the result is a deliciously wholesome range of ready-made meals designed to promote healthy living. Now available online through Dineamic, this partnership of two wellness powerhouses promises to elevate your dining experience with meals that are as nutritious as they are tasty.

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“We’re so proud of this partnership. For over 15 years, Dineamic has championed honest nutrition.They are so aligned with our values and there’s no one we’d trust more in bringing this dream of ours to life!” says Kic co-founder Laura Henshaw.

Dineamic’s Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Dineamic has been a staple in the healthy eating community since 2009. With a commitment to flavour, quality, and wholefoods, this Melbourne-based company uses only locally sourced, sustainable produce and free-range meat. By minimising transport time, its fully traceable ingredients not only ensure fresher and tastier meals but also contribute to a lower environmental impact. The new range developed with Kic adheres strictly to these principles, offering meals that are both health-conscious and eco-friendly.

Dineamic and KIC meals

Introducing Kic’s Exclusive Winter Menu

The collaboration with Kic, co-founded by wellness duo Laura Henshaw and Steph Claire Smith, introduces six exclusive, protein-rich dishes perfect for the winter season. Despite having over 800 nutritious Kic recipes to choose from, Laura and Steph meticulously selected these standout meals to simplify your weekly meal prep. Options include:

  • Ginger Lime Fish Curry with Broccoli & Brown Rice
  • Free Range Tuscan Chicken with Broccoli & Pasta
  • Free Range Baked Chicken Enchilada with Tortillas
  • Free Range Chicken Pesto with Casarecce Pasta
  • Free Range Moroccan Chicken with Turmeric Rice & Currants
  • Cashew Satay Udon Bowl with Tofu

Each dish embodies Dineamic’s philosophy of making healthy eating accessible and enjoyable, without compromising on taste.

Handcrafted Meals with a Conscience

What sets Dineamic apart is its dedication to crafting meals by hand from scratch, in bulk quantities to significantly reduce packaging and food waste. This approach ensures that every meal, whether from its standard range or the exclusive Kic partnership, is free from added preservatives, artificial additives, and unnecessary numbers.

Convenience Without Compromise

For those with hectic schedules, Dineamic x Kic offers a convenient solution. Let them handle the meal prep, allowing you to enjoy nutritious, portion-controlled meals delivered straight to your door. Explore the full range of these fresh, wholesome dishes here