Sydney brands ACID.FLWRS and Doom Juice have joined forces to create an exclusive art-series wine release just in time for Valentine’s Day 2024. 

Departing from conventional norms in their respective industries, both brands have cultivated dedicated fan bases with their daring visuals and vibrant vibes. United by a passion for natural wine and local culture, they decided to blend their aesthetics for a special release.

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The collaboration showcases 66 bottles of Doom Juice Shiraz Pétillant Naturel, the final offering from the ’22 vintage. Each bottle has been meticulously hand-painted in ACID.FLWRS’ distinctive FutureMarble finish, featuring a captivating neon pink and red gradient. The intricate painting process spanned three days, involving six stages, and culminated in the addition of a bespoke holographic label for each bottle.

Priced at $99, each bottle stands as a unique work of art, making it an ideal gift for someone special. The intriguing choice lies in whether to uncork the bottle, savor the effervescent delight, and repurpose it as a vase or candle holder, or to preserve this collector’s item in a cellar for the future.

ACID DOOM will be available exclusively here from 1st February 2024, until sold out.

ACID.FLWRS is a floral artist globally recognised for creating surreal hyper coloured flowers,
reimagining classical forms with bright vibes across installations, art and design.

DOOM JUICE is the cult Natural Wine making project from Zac Godbolt & Sebastian Keys, the label
has grown into one of the most sold LoFi wines in the country.