Two Stacks, the innovative Irish Whiskey Brand, is creating a stir in the spirits realm with its pioneering ‘Dram in a Can’ now hitting Australian shores. This groundbreaking product merges award-winning whiskey with sustainable and conveniently portable packaging, and can be picked up at Dan Murphy stores nationwide. 

Two Stacks sets itself apart by prioritising sustainability and transparency in the thriving trend towards elevated quality in Irish Whiskey. By embracing these principles, the brand seeks to make high-quality Irish whiskey more accessible to a broader audience. The ‘Dram in a Can’ provides a sensory journey, with notes of oils, spices, sweet caramel, fig, and subtle hints of campfire smoke and wood spice.

This innovative product marks a milestone as the world’s first Irish whiskey in a can, maintaining the exceptional flavour profile and quality synonymous with the brand. Two Stacks embarks on an adventurous journey in the Irish whiskey landscape, reviving the tradition of cask bonding while embracing modern production methods through collaborations with leading distilleries.

“We are committed to establishing fresh benchmarks of excellence in Irish whiskey while promoting sustainability and accessibility in every facet of our endeavours. Our distinctive method of collaboration with premier distilleries across Ireland empowers us to craft and present unprecedented expressions of whiskey while also meeting our goal of cutting our carbon footprint and innovating sustainable practices within the industry,” says co-founder Shane McCarthy. 

Weighing a mere 22g and served in a compact 100ml can, Two Stacks’ ‘Dram in a Can’ is a sustainable alternative to traditional glass bottles.

Two Stacks Dram in a can is available at Dan Murphy’s for $45.99 for a four-pack.