What’s your flavour? Gin? Whisky? Not sure? Then Drinks by the Dram has four tasting gift packs that will let you sip on a selection of fine spirits before investing in a full-sized bottle. 

With an assortment of premium fine spirits – including gin and whisky –  these gift packs don’t just taste good, the packaging is super cute and fun to boot. The unique and premium packaging makes the gift packs stand out from the rest. 

Drinks by the Dram provides a unique and innovative offering of premium spirits across most growing categories; rum, gin, whiskey and more. Designed to help people find their flavour, each 30ml sample is selected to be a part of a tasting collection that tickles the taste buds.

Drinks by the Dram is offering four festive tasting collections including the Whiskey Collection, Regions of Scotland Whiskey Tasting Set, That Boutique-y Gin Collection Set and the Retro Gin Fridge Set. 

Drinks By The Dram
Retro Gin Fridge Set: A funky affair for all gin drinkers

Whether your loved one is an avid gin drinker or still testing the waters, this quirky gift is more than just a great selection of gins.

Nestled inside the retro gin fridge tin from Master of Malt is a selection of eight gorgeous gins, including fabulous flavours such as smoked rosemary, cherry, strawberry and balsamic, yuzu gin and more.

Whether paired with a simple tonic, a garnish or sipped on as is, the gins on display are designed to be enjoyed.

Available to purchase at participating Cellarbrations stores for RRP $75. 

Drinks By The Dram
Whiskey Collection: Explore the flavours of whiskey

The Whiskey Collection is a perfect gift for whiskey lovers looking to explore the tastes of whiskey, selected from award-winning distilleries to boutique bottlings.

The 12 exceptional, 30ml drams of whiskey are beautifully presented, ready to be enjoyed neat with a smooth and mellow finish on the palate and throat. 

Some notable whiskies include the Aerolite Lyndsay 10-Year-Old, Green Isle-Blended Scotch Whiskey, and Darkness 8-Year-Old. With whiskies aged up to 12 years old, it’s a gift sure to age well.

Available to purchase at Shortys Liquor for RRP $99.99

That Boutique-y Gin Company Gin Collection Gift Set: A flavourful journey

The Boutique-y Gin Company Gin Collection is truly a tour of all that gin has to offer. Featuring 12 hand-sealed drams of craft gin, this collection is perfect for people who are looking to explore the many different styles and flavours of gin without committing to a whole bottle. 

With sweet flavours like pineapple and cherry, as well as unique flavours like cucamelon and honey pomelo, you can experience gin like never before. 

Available to purchase at Shortys Liquor for RRP $84.99

Drinks By The Dram
Regions of Scotland Whiskey Tasting Set: The first of its kind in Australia

If your dad is a whiskey fan, this collection is an Australian first, making it a very unique gift. 

The Scotland Whiskey Tasting Set contains five 30ml samples, giving drinkers a look (and taste) of the wide variety of whiskey that is produced all over Scotland.

From the fruity ‘Highland’ to the floral ‘Lowlands’, the tasting set shows off the wonderful world of whiskey Scotland is known for. 

Available to purchase at participating Cellarbrations for RRP $59. Enjoy responsibly.