One of Sydney’s favourite Vietnamese eateries, Eat Fuh, has unveiled its newest location right in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant food and lifestyle hub, Sydney Place. Eat Fuh, a family-operated venue renowned for its expertise in Vietnam’s culinary gem, Pho, offers patrons an impressive range of pho variations. 

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Options include beef, chicken, and vegetarian, all made with high-quality ingredients and traditional Vietnamese spices and herbs. The broth is simmered for hours to extract maximum flavour and is served steaming hot with fresh rice noodles and tender slices of meat.

Eat Fuh

The new Sydney Place location joins more than 15 other food and beverage retailers in the precinct, including Kosta’s Takeaway, Malay Chinese Noodle Bar, Dopa by Devon, and Joel Best’s newly opened Japanese whisky bar, Bar Besuto.

  • Where: Eat Fuh Sydney Place is located at 180 George St, Sydney.
  • When: Open 11am – 7:30pm everyday.