Tea lovers, get excited as Australia is about to welcome a new contender to its shores—the meticulously crafted 96 Degrees tea. Named after the precise brewing temperature deemed ideal for Assam tea, this brand is not just a testament to quality but a passion project for founder Adarsh Sethia.

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Born out of a quest for the perfect cup of tea, 96 Degrees is a culmination of Adarsh’s lifelong dedication to sourcing exceptional teas. Raised in a family with deep roots in the tea industry, Adarsh’s journey to creating 96° came about during the pandemic, when it was difficult to get his hands on his beloved Assam tea. Determined to bring premium teas closer to home, Adarsh, with his wife Anjum Anand, embarked on a mission to make their meticulously selected teas accessible across Australia.

96 Degrees tea English Breakfast

“My wife and I have a deep affection for Australia, having spent considerable time here building our previous brand, The Spice Tailor,” says Adarsh. “While we appreciated the great coffee culture, we found ourselves yearning for the quality teas we enjoy every morning. We’re thrilled to introduce 96° tea to Coles and invite Australians to discover a new level of tea appreciation.”

What sets 96° apart is its uncompromising commitment to quality and sustainability. They source each tea in their collection—whether black, green, or herbal—from certified plantations with robust labour policies, ensuring ethical practices from leaf to cup.

The company delicately packs the teas in large pyramid-shaped bags, allowing the leaves to unfurl and deliver a rich tapestry of flavours with every brew. To preserve freshness, bags are individually sealed in air-tight envelopes so that flavour isn’t compromised. 96° commits to an eco-friendly stance, making sure all packaging is either compostable or fully recyclable.

96 degrees tea mint

You can find 96° degrees in Coles supermarkets this June ($10 for 20 tea bags), with the following four varieties to pick from: 

  • Calming Chamomile – Bright, fragrant and soothing, this chamomile is serenely floral, with a relaxing honeyed note and sweet-apple finish.
  • Heavenly Green Tea – Mellow, floral and balanced, this tea is grassy with a nutty sweetness and a delicate, lingering flavour.
  • Stirring English Breakfast – Full-bodied, bright and invigorating, this English Breakfast tea is a wonderful blend of full bodied and malty Assam teas, with a citrusy Ceylon kick.
  • A Mint Amongst Mints – Sweet, refreshing and cooling, this mint tea has a mellow sweetness that is both refreshing and soothing with a wonderful rounded aroma.