Melbourne-based Everleigh Bottling Co. has teamed up with the creative minds behind Fitzroy’s urban fragrance boutique, flâner fragrances, to craft an exclusive cocktail experience.

In close collaboration, Everleigh Bottling Co. and flâner have created a cocktail inspired by flâner’s evocative eau de parfum, Vive La Fleur. This fragrance, reminiscent of 1920s Paris in springtime, whispers of white apricot, jasmine, magnolia, musk, and amber. 

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Dubbed the “Années folles” or “the crazy years”, this era was characterised by unrestrained revelry, lavishness, a flourishing of art and fashion, ultimately solidifying Paris as the epitome of beauty that it remains today.

Rather than mirroring scent profiles, Paul Hammond, Everleigh’s Product Development Manager, delved into the spirit of 1920s Left Bank Paris, where bohemian spirits roamed free, embracing life’s unconventional joys and fostering a vibrant cafe culture.

The result? A captivating fusion of dry gin, tangy pink grapefruit, and lively lemon with the delicate floral essence of dry cherry and white peach, all kissed by a hint of absinthe. It’s the ideal companion for languid afternoons lost in contemplation.

Everleigh Bottling Co One to share
One To Share – Limited Release Left Bank

Available in a range of sizes, from single serves to gift sets, this cocktail can be enjoyed solo or shared with fellow adventurers.

The cocktail is available in four formats:

  • Single Serve for $18 
  • 500ml for $79
  • Two Of A Kind gift box for $79 
  • One To Share gift box for $119.

You can purchase it online through The Everleigh Bottling Co. or online and in-store at Flaner Fragrances. To create a truly sensorial experience, every order also has the opportunity to pair the cocktail with either a 1.5ml sample ($9), 50ml bottle ($159) of Vive La Fleur or the full flâner fragrances discovery set ($40).

About The Everleigh Bottling Co. Manufactured to the most exacting standards in Melbourne, each cocktail is hand-made and bottled with premium spirits and distinctive attention by Australia’s best bartenders. The Everleigh Bottling Co. captures the old-world elegance and fancy-free frivolity of classic cocktail culture with collections suited to each fine drinking occasion.