You would imagine a lot of laughs, tears and determination goes into running family-owned venues. Whether it’s a mum and son or siblings’ business, you have to take your hat off to these ventures, putting potential frustrations aside to get the job done. It’s nice to shine a spotlight on family-owned venues – here are four worth considering for your next outing.

Hello Auntie in Darling Square is a Vietnamese eatery that is a labour of love for Chef Cuong Nguyen and his mother, Thi Da (Lynda) Tran. Although Chef Nguyen trained in Italian, French, and Japanese cuisine, he decided to create a concept that reflected his Vietnamese heritage. Hello Auntie embraces the modern Vietnamese movement while maintaining its authentic flavours and dishes.

Hello Auntie

XOPP, from the Golden Century Group, is a Cantonese restaurant that has been passed down through generations. Originally owned by Eric and Linda Wong, the restaurant is now under the leadership of their son, Billy Wong. For Billy, XOPP is a true family affair, with support from his parents and brother Alex, who is based in Hong Kong. The restaurant boasts elegant decor and a creative menu, making it an ideal destination for a special occasion or a romantic night out.

XOPP restaurant

SAX in Barangaroo is the first project from the Khouri family and has community at heart, bringing the charm of a European wine bar for the whole precinct to enjoy. The wine menu pays homage to venue owner and manager, Bryahne Khouri’s father, and is an extension of the family’s personal collection at home, consisting of small Australian, Italian and French varietals. The family takes great pride in their collection, working together in sourcing their wines from their favourite destinations, both overseas and locally. With its stunning waterfront views and contemporary cuisine, SAX offers a unique dining experience that’s both sophisticated and welcoming.

Sax restaurant

Located in Baranagoo, Love.Fish is a seafood restaurant co-owned by founders Michael Milkovic and Michelle Grand-Milkovic. When opening the restaurant in 2010, it was important to Michael and Michelle that the business operated as a family entity, and leave as light a footprint as possible. Love.Fish is a great place to enjoy fresh, local seafood dishes that are good for both your taste buds and the environment.

Love Fish restaurant