Fayshell, Australia’s first membership-based skin care clinic is opening its first clinic at Bondi.

The clinic will be launched by skincare-loving duo, Katelin Gregg and Ella James, in a bid to change the way Australians undergo in-clinic treatments. Fayshell is a one-stop skincare shop offering results-driven facials that are affordable, time efficient and completely customised to your skin.

A Fayshell experience is educational and comprehensive, offering bespoke treatments crafted by their dedicated dermal therapists, tailored to the client’s skin goals and needs. The idea is you simply choose from one of Fayshell’s membership options – either a basic, advanced or ultimate facial experience at a fixed price –  and let your facialist look after the rest. 

“When visiting a skin clinic, the treatment menus are often too overwhelming, expensive and time-consuming. Facials shouldn’t be reserved for a big event or luxury spa. This was the inspo behind our brand,” says Ella. 

Whilst Fayshell is predominantly a membership clinic, they do offer drop-in prices for those wanting a quick, one-off facial. 

However, memberships do unlock some major cost savings such as reduced pricing on treatments, membership perks and the best bit… unlimited access to the LED Lounge.

“Think of Fayshell as your skin gym. The monthly treatments are like PT sessions – they push your skin hard to get lasting results. The LED member’s lounge is like the gym, the more you go, the better your results. And your at-home skincare routine is like your diet, you need to be feeding your skin the right nutrients at home to maintain its fitness,” says Katelin.