Are you looking for a decent hair-lightening mist that won’t break the bank? Then take a look at Australia’s latest beauty brand Coverluxesilk’s Lighten Luxe Heat Activated Hair Lightener.

Over summer, days spent on the beach and outdoors can lead to naturally lighter hair. Coverluxesilk has carefully created the ultimate hair-lightening product that successfully enhances the effects of the sun’s natural ability to gradually lift the melanin in our hair, a natural pigment that determines hair colour.

How is this achieved? 

Coverluxesilk’s Lighten Luxe Heat Activated Hair Lightener combines a unique innovative formula, blending a mix of organic and naturally occurring ingredients with nourishing and lightening properties. The formula includes Vitamins E, B12, K, and C, which work simultaneously together to gently lighten the hair strands whilst minimising damage, keeping the hair strong and healthy. 

The product is free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, alcohol, and sulphates, as well as vegan-friendly and Australian-made. It retails for $64.95 and can be purchased here.

How does Lighten Luxe Heat Activated Hair Lightener work?

The popular hair mist works best when generously spraying directly onto the hair until it’s damp with the product and combing the hair out to evenly distribute the formula. It is activated by heat from sitting out under the sun for 30 minutes or via blow drying on a heat setting for five minutes. Lighten Luxe results can also be gradually achieved and work slowly on its own with no heat.

Sophia Hidalgo, owner of Coverluxesilk says the product is an absolute must-have for those that desire effortless yet professional-looking, lighter locks this summer without the long and expensive trip to the hair salon.

“Lighten Luxe has rapidly become one of our best-selling products, delivering gorgeous salon-style lighter hair and highlights within an affordable budget that is gentle on your hair. We have return customers that have now completely ditched the salon and have replaced it with Lighten Luxe instead to lighten their hair,” says Hidalgo.

“The product works by combining nourishing and lightening ingredients to gently lift off pigment in the hair. We’ve really focussed and listened to the needs of the market and have created Lighten Luxe to meet that niche for salon-grade products you can use at home, that are effective and efficient to use in the convenience of your own time and space.”

The product can be used on dry and damp hair, with results best seen when left overnight or washed out after at least four hours. Lighten Luxe is recommended to be used until desired results have been achieved.