Be creeped out this Halloween by the hair-raising menu at IIKO Mazesoba, Darling Square. As the fresh spring breeze ushers in the season of thrills and chills, brace yourself for delicious, yet spooky Halloween-themed dishes. From the spine-chilling ‘Red Beetroot Mazesoba’ to the eerie ‘Black Sesame Pudding,’ each dish is meticulously crafted to infuse a spooky twist into the traditional Japanese palate. The ghostly menu items are available until 5 November. 

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IIKO Mazesoba Halloween menu

The IIKO Mazesoba Halloween menu includes:

  • Red Beetroot Mazesoba ($22): Housemade beetroot noodles, black mushroom karaage, sauteed mushrooms, nori, shallot, shredded red cabbage, chilli threads, sesame seeds and wasabi vegan mayo.
  • Black Soft Shell Crab Mazesoba ($28): Housemade noodles, black soft shell crab tempura, salmon caviar, onsen egg, red cabbage, nori, shallot, chilli threads, sesame seeds and squid ink yuzu mayo.
  • Black Sesame Pudding ($7)
  • Black Mushroom Karaage ($10): served with wasabi mayo.
  • Pumpkin Croquettes ($8 / $13): 2 or 4 pieces.

Where: IIKO Mazesoba at Darling Square

About IIKO Mazesoba: IIKO Mazesoba is the first brothless ramen specialist in Australia. Mazesoba ‘まぜそば’ is a brothless ramen that replaces soup with an umami soy-based sauce. The literal translation of its name means ‘mixed noodles’, describing the way diners should mix the housemade wheat noodles, toppings and sauce prior to slurping. Mazesoba is thought to have originated in the 1950s in Nagoya.