Grumpy Bums, a new line of bake-at-home products devoid of added sugar, sweeteners, and refined sugars, came about as a response to concerning statistics about Australian packaged foods. A significant portion of these products currently on the market – approximately two-thirds – contain added sugar. So what does this mean? In a nutshell, 60 per cent of Aussie kids aged 2-8 exceed the recommended ‘free sugar’ intake. ‘Free sugar’ refers to sugar incorporated into food or drinks, including the natural sugars found in honey, syrup, and fruit juice. The term ‘free’ is used because these sugars are not contained within the cells of the consumed food.

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Motivated by the birth of her son, food scientist Jo Leontiades founded Grumpy Bums to improve children’s snacking habits by offering nutritious alternatives that prioritise real ingredients and the natural sweetness of fruit.

Grumpy Bums biscuits and muffins Jo Leontiades

Recognising a gap in the health food market, Jo Leontiades designed Grumpy Bums to address the needs of parents searching for wholesome, no-sugar options for their children’s breakfast, snacking, and lunchbox requirements. And there’s no reason why ‘big kids’ can’t benefit from the range either! The products also cater to various dietary restrictions, ensuring a well-rounded and health-conscious choice for families. 

“Many products that claim to have ‘no sugar’ are overly processed and often contain sweeteners, sugar substitutes or refined sugars. But it’s my belief that kids don’t need to be denied sweet treats, so I started baking products for my son, with no sugar and no additives – and he really enjoyed them! This was the inspiration for Grumpy Bums – as a way to give parents healthy snacking options that satisfy snack cravings, without the added sugar,” says Grumpy Bums founder, Jo. 

Grumpy Bums comes in three flavours of mini muffin mix – apple & cinnamon, banana bread and strawberry yoghurt – as well as a banana muesli cookie mix. Replacing sugar with real freeze-dried fruit – which maintains up to 95% of its nutritional value and 100 per cent of its fibre. 

The range is now available at selected IGA SupaMart stores, and online via Woolworths, Healthy Life, Nourishing Bubs, and the Grumpy Bums website.

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