Australia has crowned its fastest cleaner, and now he’s ready to share his speed-clean tips with the rest of the country. Meet 22-year-old Jason Shipway, a professional cleaner whose passion for tidying up began early – his mother claims his first word was “mop”. In a dazzling display of skill and speed, Jason conquered the ultimate cleaning challenge: transforming a fully-white house in 2 minutes and 14 seconds.

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But Jason’s journey to cleaning glory doesn’t end there. With a whopping 50,000 TikTok followers on his @Jason_Cleans page, he’s become a household name among cleaning enthusiasts. His recent triumph came at the VIVA House of Spills Challenge, often dubbed the Olympics of Cleaning. Going head-to-head with five other cleaning fanatics, Jason emerged victorious, showcasing his unparalleled expertise in the art of cleanliness.

Now, as the reigning champion, Jason is sharing his insider secrets on how to speed-clean your home in no time. His timing couldn’t be better, especially considering recent research revealing that nearly a quarter of Australians spend upwards of 20 hours a week on cleaning chores. According to Jason, that’s far too much time wasted – and he’s here to show us a better way.

Jason Shipway's top cleaning tips duster
  • Keep your cleaning weapons of choice close by: Having all the tools and cleaning products you need at arm’s reach means you won’t waste time walking back and forth to the cabinet under the sink. Fill a bucket or caddy with your most used cleaning supplies for easy access. I’d recommend a multi-purpose spray, spray bottle of bleach, a squeegee and a roll of paper towel that has super fast absorption like VIVA so you can whip it out to clean up spills quickly.  
  • Start small to reduce stress: A recent national survey from VIVA Paper Towel found that three in five (59 per cent) Australians say mess causes unnecessary stress and that almost half (44 per cent) say cleaning makes them feel calm. Even five minutes of attending to the untidiness at home can be a form of therapy. Pick a couple of low-traffic areas or small sections of your home that you can tidy quickly – like removing clutter from the hallway or wiping down the dining table – and give you the motivation to tackle bigger cleaning tasks like the kitchen or bathroom. 
  • Break down your cleaning to-do list into bite-sized chunks to speed it up: Breaking down tough cleaning tasks into smaller chunks will help save time down the track. Or, if you find all your cleaning jobs adding up at the end of the week, create a list and then assign yourself two to three quick jobs to get done each day then you will be able to speed through the bigger cleans. 
  • Top to bottom is the quickest way: Clean from top to bottom, or left to right to maximise efficiency. And, it’s a favourite technique for a reason – it really works! Begin at the top of the room, taking time to dust shelves, fans and fixtures downward to catch falling debris. Then move to your mid-level areas, the countertops and furniture. Finally, vacuum or mop floors last, to ensure you are collecting all the mess that has accumulated throughout your cleaning. This will save you time and make sure you are cleaning the same spot over and over again. 
  • Add water to your dusting technique to tackle grime quickly: Feather dusters work well for cleaning blinds, pictures, and nooks. But for areas that have a heavy build-up of grime, I always dampen my sponge or VIVA Paper Towel with water to get grease and gunk off quickly, followed up with a dry brush over. This will save you time as it will keep the dust/debris together and collect it all at once.