Underground restaurant and bar, Hustlers Sydney has launched a new menu for guests to enjoy over the summer break. The menu offering at Hustlers Sydney  —  an extension of well-established South West Sydney venue, Saigon Hustle —  is a fusion of Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and Thai influences, creating a unique blend of flavours. 

Hustlers has elevated the art of combining flavours, employing advanced techniques, and paying meticulous attention to detail, including the presentation and garnishing of dishes. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Each dish is worthy of an Instagram post. But more importantly, the test is in the tasting and the new (and original) dishes do not disappoint. 

Could this be the best Prawn Toast in Sydney?

Since opening in June 2023, the venue has refined its menu but of course has kept its signature dish, the Bone Marrow Mi Goreng. A few crowd favourites such as the Bread & Bo as well as the Prawn Toast, which features sesame seeds, garlic mayo and salmon roe also remain on the menu. Not all Prawn Toasts are created equal and this one is definitely a keeper. 

New summer additions to Huster’s summer menu include the delicate Scallop in Shell, complemented by a zesty green chilli relish and a crunchy symphony of toasted peanuts. Then there’s the allure of Hustler’s Addictive Cabbage, made with nori furikake and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. For a rich and savoury choice, there’s the Lamb Adobo Shepherd’s Pie, featuring desiree potato and a burst of coriander.

Hustlers Sydney
Hustlers Sydney is best experienced with good friends and shared dishes.

There’s also the Poached Chicken with kombu gravy, accompanied by a zingy ginger shallot relish or for a dish with loads of texture, try the Green Tea Soba Noodles with sesame sauce, kimchi, shallot relish, roasted peanuts, quail eggs, with black sesame crackers. Seafood enthusiasts will enjoy the Baked Barramundi, elevated with dashi cream, succulent salmon roe, and a garnish of fresh chives. 

Hustlers Sydney York Street dessert
Fried Ice Cream with red miso butterscotch and caramelised banana.

The $82 per person set menu is an excellent option for groups of eight or more guests and features the following dishes: 

  • Bread & Bo Wagyu Beef Tartare 
  • Bone Marrow Mi Goreng 
  • Truffle Miso Broccolini
  • MB4+ Wagyu Beef Intercostal Skewer 
  • Poached Chicken
  • Ga Na Chai Fried Rice
  • Watermelon Trifle

With its amiable crew, new exciting summer menu and laid-back vibes, Hustlers Sydney stands out as the ideal spot for a chill dinner or a late-night sip.