Due to overwhelming demand, the mid-week wine-tasting affair, Into The Vines, returns to Freshwater Brewing Co in Brookvale this May.

Taking centre stage amid the inaugural Taste of the Beaches festivities, local wine fans are invited to take part in the festivities on Wednesday, May 15th. Guests can try over 25 meticulously crafted, small-batch lo-fi wines sourced directly from their vintners, all for $15 per ticket.

What’s a lo-fi wine? Lo-fi wine encompasses a wide array of wines crafted with minimal to no alterations throughout the winemaking journey. While it may be described as ‘natural’, ‘minimal intervention’, ‘new wave’ or ‘hands-off’ and give the impression of a laid-back method of making wine, it often demands significant effort, patience, and intuition from the winemaker.


The realm of low-key wine appreciation often sparks debates – the mere mention conjures images of eccentricity and unrefined tastes. However, Into The Vines promises a diverse lineup that caters to a spectrum of wine enthusiasts, from the avant-garde blend aficionado to the devout devotee of traditional single-vineyard Shiraz.

Featuring a curated selection spanning from multi-generational family-owned estates to collaborative fermentation ventures and acclaimed vintners, Into The Vines: Next Gen Nectars promises to spotlight the shining stars of the minimal-intervention wine movement, all under one roof. 

Tacos, hearty burgers and more will also be available on the night. Exclusive deals like the $25 burger and pint combo and the $30 platters and cheese boards for two will be on offer. 

Into the Vines at Freshwater Brewing Co, Brookvale 

  • Date: Wednesday 15 May 2024
  • Tasting Times: Entry is from any time between 6pm and 7:30pm (when doors are closed) and once you have entered, you can roam around the room, and taste all wines on offer from the five wineries until 9pm when the event ends. 
  • Tasting Price: $15 – Includes entry and tastings, wine-tasting cards, question prompts for winemakers.  
  • Where: Freshwater Brewing Co, 4 Powells Rd, Brookvale 
  • Purchase your tickets here.