Designated driver for the evening? Let us introduce you to Nocktail – non-alcoholic cocktails that are low in sugar with no artificial sweeteners or flavours. Nocktail uses a unique blend of natural botanicals, spices and flavours to help re-create the same satisfying experiences you would expect from an alcoholic cocktail… just without the alcohol!

Nocktail strawberry daiquiri

With refreshing hints of lime and mint, Nocktails’ Mojito is the perfect way to cool down and enjoy the warmer weather without the alcohol.  Nocktail uses stevia, a natural sweetener, to bring out the flavour in its drinks, making it a healthier option with the lowest sugar content out of all the non-alcoholic cocktails on the market.

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Nocktail’s Strawberry Daiquiri is also low in sugar and free from artificial sweeteners and flavours. This non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri is made with a unique blend of natural botanicals, spices and flavours and delivers the same satisfying taste experience as an alcoholic daiquiri without the nasties. 

Nocktail’s Strawberry Daiquiri 4-packs and Mojito 4-packs are available at Dan Murphy’s for $18.99 per pack.