It’s certainly the weather for refreshing and hydrating beverages, so you’ll be excited to hear that JIVA Products has launched its latest range of flavour-packed, functional sparkling waters and tonics.

JIVA Products continues to lead the way in the functional beverage space with the introduction of its nutritionist-approved sparkling waters (enhanced waters) and tonics. The new range also aligns with its mission to offer Australians premium, alternative, and healthy beverage choices that prioritise hydration.

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The benefits of enhanced waters go beyond simple hydration, addressing specific health needs with targeted solutions for various goals, such as boosting energy, promoting relaxation, enhancing immunity, or supporting overall vitality. 

JIVA tonic water

With quality high on its agenda, JIVA incorporates carefully selected ingredients like antioxidant-rich botanicals and revitalising adaptogens, ensuring every element in their sparkling waters contributes to optimal hydration and overall well-being. Enhanced waters stand out for their ability to optimise the body’s natural functions, replenishing essential nutrients, supporting immune health, and aiding post-workout recovery through functional ingredients.

This release underscores JIVA’s commitment to providing products that not only refresh but also offer essential nutritional benefits. Hydration’s vital role in overall well-being makes the inclusion of functional ingredients even more significant. JIVA’s sparkling waters and tonics are thoughtfully formulated to quench thirst and support a healthy lifestyle.

In a conscious nod to mindful consumption, JIVA prioritises a low-sugar approach without compromising on taste, providing a guilt-free alternative for those seeking a healthier option. 

Embracing environmental responsibility, JIVA employs eco-friendly packaging for its sparkling waters and tonics, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to sustainability and aligning with the values of environmentally conscious consumers. JIVA Products can be found at leading retailers across the country. Find your closest stockist here. RRP: $4.99 per bottle