The Keepers of the Flame is the latest launch from the Scarborough Wine Co., a family-owned winery in the Hunter Valley. The new premium wine is made by the second-generation Scarborough family, with a focus on the future.

Scarborough Wine Co. also produces three other chardonnays – Yellow Label, Offshoot and The Obsessive. The Yellow Label Chardonnay is one of Australia’s most popular wines over $20. It has a distinctive style, with a very loyal following. The Obsessive Chardonnay is a single vineyard wine. It’s sourced from the Gillard’s Road vineyard and reflects the unique characteristics of the region.

The next generation of the Scarborough family is following in the footsteps of parents Ian and Merralea Scarborough. The family is delighted to introduce a new wine range that symbolises the future stewardship of the well-known Hunter Valley brand.

Affectionally named Keepers of the Flame, these small-parcel wines celebrate the inspired vision and future of Scarborough Wine Co, with sustainability at its heart.

Each release of Keepers of the Flame will be slightly different to the last. The wines are nurtured with care and collaboration across all aspects of the business: from the grower, the maker and the marketer. Liz Riley, Jerome Scarborough and Sally Scarborough – all renowned experts in their own fields, have come together, from vineyard to bottle to create something remarkable each season.

Each wine is slightly different, utilising fruit from distinctive Scarborough-owned vineyards, or different clones or oak treatment. This new label has given the trio freedom to experiment and create something different, outside of the existing and well-loved house style.

Keepers of the Flame 2019, 2020 and 2021 vintages are available as individual bottles for $100 each or as a three-pack gift box for $250. 

Find out more here. Enjoy responsibly.