Kyiv Social is launching a new monthly event called ‘Beers and Bangers’ which will take place in Grafton Lane, located behind the restaurant. 

Kicking off on Sunday, April 7th, this gathering promises an exciting fusion of cultural events, featuring lively beats spun by Ukrainian House DJs, refreshing brews courtesy of Young Henrys, and mouthwatering sausages crafted by LP’s Quality Meats.

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Beers and Bangers isn’t just a party; it’s a celebration of community, where people come together to enjoy great food, music, and company while championing positive change. Running from 1pm to 9pm on the first Sunday of every month, Kyiv Social invites everyone to witness the remarkable journey of its Ukrainian hospitality team as they embrace Australian culture and spread joy through their offerings.

The menu at Beers and Bangers showcases an array of mouth-watering food, including LP’s Quality Meats’ signature lightly smoked Beef & Pork Ukrainian Sausages, gourmet hot dogs with a Ukrainian twist, and Kyiv Sliders. Quench your thirst with the exclusive “Beloved Ukrainian Lager” from Young Henrys as you soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the laneway bar, with Ukraine DJs providing the perfect soundtrack. 

Through its employment of newly arrived Ukrainian refugees, Kyiv Social aims to shed a positive light on the Ukrainian community while fostering inclusivity and unity within Sydney. With Beers and Bangers, they invite locals to join in the festivities, bridging cultures and fostering connections over shared experiences of food, music, and art.

In under six months, Kyiv Social has already made a significant impact, providing over 3,000 hours of employment to 22 refugees and contributing thousands of meals to war-affected families. 

  • Where: Kyiv Social’s inaugural Beer and Bangers will launch in Grafton Lane behind the restaurant on Sunday 7 April. 
  • When: 7 April from 1:00pm – 9:00pm.
  • Find out more here