For one night only, fans of Milpa Collective’s Bondi venue La Palma can experience various wines for $39 from influential wine connoisseur Dennis Roman’s portfolio, while enjoying records from La Palma’s resident DJ, Fabian Bolivar.

The night will also celebrate South Australian young winemaker Sven Joschke and Chilean natural producers, with an exciting drinks menu. La Palma’s Caribbean-inspired menu will also be available as a cleansing palette in between sips. 

Some of the key highlights and tasteful selections from Roman include Cacique Maravilla ‘Pipeno’ Pais, Gustavo Martinez ‘Korinta’ Chasellas and Sven Joschke ‘Rose’. 

The overall concept of the night is to make wine ‘fun’ and take away the stigma around the beverage that it is all about structure, palate weight and complexities. 

The new trend in minimal intervention is about drinking the wine young, fresh and to let the land and fruit speak for itself,” said Milpa Collective Co-Founder, Liber Osorio

There will also be additional bottles from Roman’s secret cellar available on the night ranging from $60-$200 to taste. 

“Milpa Collective is proudly pouring sustainably sourced wines from Australia and from around the globe. On this path, we’ve been lucky enough to meet great people in the wine scene such as winemakers, traders, suppliers and sommeliers. Dennis is one of them, a Chilean-Australian Sommelier with a great portfolio that pays respect to fine wines with minimal intervention from great producers,” said Milpa Collective Co-Founder, Pablo Vargas

Dennis’ passion for the world of wine began when living in South America and has transcended through his time at hospitality giant, Merivale Group as Head Sommelier at est. restaurant. 

Over the years, Roman worked at award-winning venues, leading wine teams and created his own wine company, Senses At. As he continues to design wine lists and host training sessions, Roman is always executing and sharing his great love for wine with Sydney’s hospitality industry. 

“The collaboration came from the long friendship we have and the idea of adding great wines at La Palma, trying to expand the character of a venue which, apart from having a great cocktail list created by Jake Sherab, can showcase an amazing list for wine lovers,” adds Liber Osorio. 

  • Where: Shop UG.03, The Hub Hall St at Boheme,75-79 Hall Street, Bondi Beach
  • When: November 9, 2022 from 6pm
  • Tickets are $39 and bookings are essential. Book your ticket here.