Sydney will host a breathtaking new exhibition by award-winning photographer and artist Andrew Vukosav. His series, Longitude Latitude Solitude, captures the untamed beauty of the Australian landscape from a unique vantage point. Vukosav, with his trusty dog Frankie as his co-pilot, has journeyed across Australia in his Cessna 182 – affectionately named ‘Valerie’ – to bring these stunning images to life.

Six years in the making

From Melbourne to Uluru, Alice Springs, and Darwin, Vukosav’s photographic adventures have spanned thousands of kilometres and years of dedication. The result is a collection that challenges the conventional views of Australia’s outback, presenting a fresh perspective that is both intricate and grand. His work, six years in the making, showcases everything from the delicate coastlines to the vast, mesmerising dunes and rock plateaus of central Australia.

Andrew Vukosav's ‘Longitude Latitude Solitude’ Exhibition
Counting Sheep by Andrew Vukosav

Andrew Vukosav’s journey into aerial photography began unexpectedly. “I have been holding cameras for my entire adult life and suddenly I realised I was sitting in one,” he reflects. His encounters during these flights have profoundly shaped his artistic vision. A pivotal moment was meeting First Nations Artist and Elder Simon Hogan in Darwin, whose deep spiritual connection to the land inspired Vukosav to view the landscape through a new lens. This encounter ignited his passion for exploring the road less travelled, transforming his flights into true adventures of the heart and mind.

Vukosav’s innovative approach to aerial photography

The series is more than just photographs; it’s a testament to Vukosav’s passion for flight, photography, and the Australian landscape. After logging 350 hours in the air and covering over 85,000 kilometres—more than twice the circumference of the globe—he has created a visual language that captures moments of discovery and narratives uncovered through extensive research.

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Vukosav’s innovative approach to aerial photography involves using his entire plane as a camera body. He has meticulously outfitted his Cessna with a Phase One 150mp XF Camera mounted in its underbelly, enabling him to maneuver the plane into the perfect position for each shot. The results are spectacular, revealing intricate details of vegetation, rock formations, flowing water, and animal tracks. These images, printed at mural size, are so detailed they often resemble abstract paintings, engulfing the viewer in their beauty.

Andrew Vukosav
The artist and photographer in his Cessna 182, ‘Valerie’.

“From the air, we don’t see borders, conflict, politics, or race. Somehow we appeared on this planet, and our common purpose should be to look after it so we can live on it forever,” Vukosav muses. His perspective offers a refreshing reminder of our shared responsibility to the Earth.

From Berlin to Sydney

Having debuted Longitude Latitude Solitude at Essendon Airport and showcased it in cities like Paris, Berlin, and Madrid, Vukosav is now bringing this extraordinary exhibition to Sydney’s M2 Gallery in Surry Hills. Running from June 20th to July 2nd, 2024, this exhibition promises to be a captivating experience for all who attend, offering a chance to see Australia through Vukosav’s extraordinary eyes. 

  • What: Andrew Vukosav’s Longitude Latitude Solitude Exhibition
  • Where: M2 Gallery in Surry Hills, Shop 4/450 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills
  • When: June 20th to July 2nd, 2024
  • Find out more here