Sydney’s newest Cantonese restaurant, Pearl, by the Lotus Dining Group, is set to open its doors in September. Located in Quay Quarter, this 84-seat establishment will offer guests a contemporary dining affair while honouring the age-old essence of Cantonese cuisine with sweeping views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

Differentiating itself from the beloved Lotus offerings, Pearl will shine a spotlight on refined dishes hailing from China’s Canton province, with influences from Hong Kong evident in selections like succulent roast duck, flavorful char siu pork, and live seafood delicacies.

The menu is the result of a creative collaboration between Hong Kong native chef and culinary director Cheung Shui Yip and executive chef Steve Wu. Their expertise marries Cantonese culinary heritage, which Yip enjoyed from a young age, with Wu’s contemporary flair which he cultivated in Australia. The menu predominantly centres around steamed, stir-fried, and roasted dishes, which are broken into sections including dim sum, soups, seafood, meat, BBQ and rice & noodle. 

“This is an exciting and new venture for our group. We have been looking to open a venue with a premium offering and we’re hoping to reimagine the perception of Cantonese dining. We noticed a gap in the market and have been working to create what we feel is the perfect harmony between Canton traditions and the modern Sydney dining scene,” says Lotus Dining Group founder and chairman Michael Jiang.

Dishes from the inaugural menu include a range of mouth-watering options from scallop tart with dried ginger, salt, and lemon, served atop crispy rice crackers, to the indulgent combination of crab and pork Xiao long bao. Guests can also enjoy wok-fried pearl meat paired with snow peas and oyster mushrooms, premium wagyu tri-tip embellished with tangerine peel sauce and a pork belly roast with crispy crackling served with native riberry.

The beverage program, curated by head sommelier Karen Dollimore, boasts an impressive selection of over 200 wines, embracing renowned producers from around the world. The cocktails list includes Juana Spritz (Grey Goose, lychee liqueur, pink grapefruit, lemon juice), Kino Negroni (Lotus mandarin gin, Campari, vermouth and chocolate bitters) and the Old Cuban (Brix spiced rum, lime juice, mint leaves, sugar syrup, Champagne, peychaud’s bitters).

Designed by Darren Kong Architects, the indoor-outdoor space boasts an impressive view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is amplified when dining on the 30-seat balcony or beside the retractable glass wall. A rectangular bar is anchored in the middle of the venue with a mix of high and low seating available to book and for walk-ins. For a more intimate experience, Pearl offers semi-private dining and a private dining room.

Opening in September, Pearl will open Tuesday to Friday for lunch from 12:00pm – 2:30pm and dinner Tuesday – Saturday from 5:30pm. Bookings are now open.

Pearl is located at Shop R1013, Retail Level 1, 50 Bridge Street Sydney, Quay Quarter Building access via escalators on Young Street