Sydney’s iconic Luna Park has revealed an exciting, large-scale immersive experience called Dream Circus – a spectacular $15 million renovation of its Big Top. Colourful, bold and futuristic, Dream Circus is set to dazzle audiences from 22 December 2023, just in time for the summer holiday season. 

Locally developed in Sydney, Luna Park’s Dream Circus offers an unprecedented immersive experience, guiding visitors through a captivating narrative journey featuring loveable characters and an unparalleled sensory spectacle.

Sydney’s Immersive Big Top spans 3,000 square meters and is equipped with cutting-edge Barco projection technology, a spatially mapped audio system, hologram technology, motion-activated LED screens, and the latest in lighting technology. The result is a complete 360-degree visual and auditory immersion across an expansive surface area exceeding 3,500 square meters.

Luna Park Sydney Dream Circus

The renovation is part of Luna Park’s wider transformation as the park responds to the demand for engaging, personalised, and immersive experiences.

“As a world-class amusement park we need to be more than rides, and expanding our depth of offering through world-class immersive experiences will mean that Sydneysiders won’t have to travel the globe to experience these incredible environments. We want to be a reliable, magical, and affordable destination for all generations of Sydneysiders and visitors to our city,” says John Hughes, CEO of Luna Park Sydney.

The enhanced facility at Luna Park’s Immersive Big Top will serve as an advanced training ground for future technologists in Sydney, providing valuable skills for those interested in pursuing careers within the immersive experience industry.

Preserving its distinctive art-deco style, Luna Park Sydney’s transformation aims to strike a balance between its rich history and modern innovations, propelling this Sydney landmark onto the international stage.

This ambitious venture will establish Luna Park Sydney as a premier destination, integrating advanced technology and multi-layered experiences, while staying true to the essence of wonder, escapism, and joy embodied since its inception in 1935. This ensures the enduring relevance and vibrancy of this cultural icon for both current and future generations.

Dream Circus is expected to captivate over 50,000 attendees during the upcoming summer season. Tickets are $35 for children and $45 for adults. Tickets can be purchased here or at the ticket box office at Sydney’s Immersive Big Top from 22 December 2023.