Meet Martina, an inviting venue located in Rose Bay, headed up by renowned restaurateur Flavio Carnevale. Martina is the charming sibling of Marta and brings a slice of Rome to the picturesque neighbourhood. 

Martina’s culinary journey begins each day as a bustling Italian bakery, offering an impressive range of freshly baked pastries. Among the highlights are the maritozzi, a Roman brioche bun filled with luscious whipped cream, a personal favourite of Flavio’s. As the day progresses, Martina evolves into a lively pizzeria and restaurant. The menu proudly features the Modern Roman Pinsa, a signature pizza that combines traditional flavours with contemporary flair.

In the evening, Martina transforms into a vibrant eatery, showcasing hearty, authentic Roman dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. If you’re with a bunch of friends, ‘Bianca’ – a baked puffy pizza dough with extra virgin olive oil – is a great way to kick off the night. The baked dough is pillowy and soft on the inside, with a magnificent crust on the outside. The Panzanella e burrata is another antipasti highlight, featuring tomatoes, roasted capsicum, pickled onion and green olives.

The menu features over ten mouth-watering pizzas, so if you miss out on trying the Bianca, don’t despair, you’ll get to experience this cloud-like crust when ordering pizza.

Bianca – soft on the inside with a beautiful crust on the outside.

Pasta dishes include Casareccie alla Vodka (short pasta, vodka, tomato, cream, prawns) and other traditional favourites such as carbonara, lasagna, spaghetti, rigatoni and fettuccine alfredo. Another notable pasta dish to look out for that currently features on the ‘specials board’ is the creamy duck risotto.

Of course, you’ll want to end the night on a high, with either the Tiramisu or Crostata – a sour cherry and ricotta tart.

The drink menu is equally enticing, with classic Italian cocktails, refreshing spritzers, and inventive non-alcoholic options. Flavio has personally curated the wine list, which features a selection of Italian wines, French labels, and emerging Italian producers.

Martina Rose Bay
Panzanella e burrata, another antipasti highlight.

Flavio draws from his rich Italian heritage and extensive culinary experience and has brought together a talented team of chefs, bakers, pastry chefs, and designers to create this Italian haven. With its inviting atmosphere and all-day offerings, Martina captures the essence of Roman street life, inviting both locals and visitors to enjoy the heartful flavours and joyful spirit of Italy.

The hardest decision is working out whether to turn up for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Buon appetite!