There’s a new kid on the block and she’s fizzy, fun and ready to drink. Fuzzy Bare is vegan, organically grown, has no additives and is moderate in alcohol. 

Despite being the newest, hottest kid on the block, piquette dates to ancient Greek and Roman times. It enjoyed a renaissance in the 19th century when phylloxera decimated French vineyards, making grapes so scarce every ounce of the precious fruit was used. 

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What is ‘piquette’?

Made from adding water to bare pressed grape skins and left to ferment, this low-alcohol, refreshing, and slightly fizzy drink was named ‘piquette’ (prickle) and became the standard for vineyard workers at the lunch table.

The Fuzzy Bare range includes two Pinot Gris Piquette’s (available in bottle and can format) and a Pinot Noir Piquette. The Fuzzy Bare range is available at select Dan Murphy’s, BWS and independent retailers nationwide or online at