MimmynVovo has just launched a multi-set studio in Rosebery which is a unique space to host a party or simply somewhere to make lasting memories with your friends. 

MimmynVovo’s five new unique sets include:

  • The Minimal Room: A versatile set with grey and earthy tones that act as the perfect base to bring out your colourful outfits, feeling lit from within. The beautiful natural light, paired with concrete walls and floors with white linen curtains creates a minimalistic aesthetic. The space can accommodate custom-cut paper roll backdrops or muslin curtains. Included in every Bare Minimal booking is one contemporary muslin curtain backdrop in your choice of available colours. 
  • Selfie Sets: The selfie sets are smaller spin-offs of bigger sets and cater for many kinds of shots. These sets include the bare white set that can be branded or decorated to best suit a brand’s personality. Another selfie set is also the Disco selfie set with a silver party backdrop. This scene can be set for any party shots with friends. 

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  • The Cage: This set is a metal frame with a floral backdrop. Included is a swing to capture motion candid shots. Props can be removed or added to create the perfect scene that suits the vision you’re looking to create. 
  • The Rec Room: A floor-to-ceiling explosion of colour. This set has endless photo opportunities at every angle, this room is the manifestation of any girl’s dream with bright-coloured vinyl flooring, lockers, an old-school London phone box and a basketball hoop and their signature 5000 ball pit with a mirrored ceiling – allowing one’s imagination to run wild. 
  • The Cyclorama: The Cyclorama studio makes for the perfect backdrop for your next campaign launch. It is the perfect place for high-quality photography and video content that lets your energy and posing do the talking. For those looking to hire the studio for events, MimmynVovo can also now add in a large-scale ball pit, as well as the addition of a hot pink Barbie box set!

MimmynVovo believes expressing your creativity is easy in the right environment. They are experts in their field and know exactly how to capture attention-grabbing photography and videography. Find out more here