Mr Vitamins, one of Australia’s most trusted health food and supplement retailers has released five holistic product bundles, designed to boost your body. 

Convenient and caringly curated, the five new Vit Kits are designed to make health and wellness simple, without breaking the bank. From Vit Kits that help elevate your complexion to kits that are made to defend against stress, there’s a Vit Kit for everyone.  

5 Steps to Reduce Stress Naturally

We asked qualified Nutritionist, Christina Hanley, at Mr Vitamins for her top five tips on how to reduce stress naturally. 

“Juggling all the tasks and responsibilities in our lives can be a balancing act. When we experience times of high stress, it can take a toll on our bodies and often, we can experience burnout. This can affect our cortisol levels and lead to conditions like adrenal fatigue. Constant stress can put you at risk of high blood pressure; poor memory, recall and concentration; low energy and mood; as well as affecting our appetite and sleep,” says Hanley.

“Thankfully, there are supplements and strategies that can help lower your stress levels and get you through the stressful situations of life.”

1. Take time out to disconnect: This can mean switching off devices and technology as part of your daily routine. During this time out, I would recommend spending time out in nature, getting cosy with a cup of herbal tea (caffeine-free so you are not stimulated!), and immersing yourself in a novel or even journalling. Whatever it may be, choose something that enables you to completely switch off and unwind.

2. Aromatherapy: Incorporating essential oils into your day can help you destress. You can use essential oils in diffusers around your home; you can even carry the oils with you during the day to inhale. I recommend placing a few drops on your wrists and breathing them in during stressful times or adding them to a relaxing bath to soak in. If you don’t know where to start with aromatherapy and which essential oils are the most effective for stress reduction, I recommend Lavender, Jasmine and/or Clary Sage.

Mr Vitamins Vit Kit

3. Supplements: There are formulations that have a mix of both vitamins and herbs, which can help reduce your stress levels and maintain a sense of calm throughout the day. A great option would be choosing a Vit Kit Soothe or Sleep, which have both been conveniently and caringly curated to reduce stress and enable sleep. 

4. Meditation: Meditation or mindfulness is a helpful tool to recenter yourself in the moment and create a sense of calm in the mind. Meditation involves becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings, which can help us gain a new perspective on stressful situations. You can increase your self-awareness, focus on the present, improve sleep quality, and lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure by practising meditation regularly.

5. Sleep: Getting more sleep and/or improving the quality of your sleep can be helpful to reduce stress levels. Resting more can significantly reduce cortisol levels and restore balance to your body’s systems. To reduce stress, it’s best to get between seven to nine hours of sleep a night, which can avoid the rise in hormone levels and reduce existing feelings of stress and anxiety. If you struggle with getting to sleep, staying asleep or getting enough REM sleep, Vit Kit Sleep has a trio of supplements that can help.

About Christina Hanley

Christina Hanley is a Qualified Nutritionist based in Melbourne. After graduating from Endeavour College, Christina began her career working as a Nutritionist in Sydney with Mr Vitamins in 2019. Christina currently works full-time as an Online Customer Support Manager, Education Coordinator and Content Creator on projects with the marketing team, including the Mr Vitamins Podcast.