Australians are leading the charge in embracing the NOLO (no and low alcohol drinks) movement, marking a significant shift towards mindful consumption. The emergence of the ‘sober curious’ mindset has paved the way for a surge in interest towards low-calorie, low-alcohol alternatives. 

Brands like Son Of A Nun and NoSh Boozy Seltzer are spearheading this movement with their budget-friendly and inventive product lines. Offering a range from crisp brews to flavorful seltzers, they ensure a gratifying drinking experience while prioritising a low-carb, low-sugar profile.

The no and low-alcohol drinks category is expected to grow by six per cent annually by 2027, reaching a four per cent share of the total alcohol market. Research also shows that 41 per cent of no/low alcohol consumers choose these drinks for some occasions while preferring full-strength options for others. This reflects a rising demand for healthier choices that balance flavour and moderation.


NoSH is good value, easy-drinking Australian seltzer all about keeping it clean with no sh*t – no carbs, no sugar, and all-natural ingredients. Available in two flavours, Mango and Pineapple and Citrus Crush. Both flavours are refreshing and fruity. Chill well and enjoy with friends or family. 

Mango + Pineapple: Looking for a drink as pristine and tropical as Nudie Beach at sunset?

With a boozy blend of juicy mangoes and a perfect punch of sweet pineapples, NoSh Mango & Pineapple will keep you coming back for more.

Citrus Crush: NoSh Citrus Crush is a can of pure sunshine with notes of juicy ripe Citrus.

RRP $18.00 | Available at or Coles Liquor Stores (First Choice, Liquorland & Vintage Cellars)

Low & No Alcohol Drinks Son of a nun

Son of a Nun

Born out of the belief that no one should be left out from having a toast with mates, Son of a Nun offers a range of beer for everyone to enjoy that best suits their lifestyle, offering a low-carb option or a zero-alcohol alternative.

Made for lager lovers searching for heavenly, guilt-free brews to share with mates. Son of A Nun crafted a miracle – better for your beers that actually taste great! The range includes two refreshing and contemporary beers that pack a personality punch.

RRP Low Carb 6x pack $22.00, and Zero Alcohol 4 pack for $11.| Available at independent retailers only. Find local stockist here.