As the summer beckons, Ampersand Projects has unveiled a captivating new addition to their ready-to-drink ensemble: the ‘Whisky &’ range. The new dark spirit medley boasts a seamless blend of locally distilled Australian whisky, invigorating soda flavours and a hint of lime for a flavourful and high-quality drink for any occasion.

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Coming in two carefully crafted varieties – ‘Whisky & Soda Lime’ and ‘Whisky & Dry Lime’ – these innovative beverages are low in sugar and calories for a guilt-free indulgence that delivers a refreshing taste without compromising quality.

Ampersand Whisky Dry Lime

Each 330ml can packs a punch with 6% alcohol, replicating the authentic experience of a bar serving from the comfort of your own setting. For those after a more intense whisky taste, each variety also boldly steps up in a compact 9% 250ml can that will impress any dark spirit aficionado. 

The Ampersand Projects Whisky & Dry Lime and Whisky & Soda Lime ranges are available now at Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores across Australia. 

  • Whisky & Dry Lime 6% 330ml, Whisky & Soda Lime 6% 330ml – RRP $27 per 4 pack
  • Whisky & Dry Lime 9% 250ml, Whisky & Soda Lime 9% 2500ml – RRP $29 per 4 pack